Google Launches new Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell

I just love having a smart home. We now have like 19 lights, 2 cameras, a vacuum... all sorts of connected goodies.  All meshed together with the power of Google Home.  I can speak to any of the smart assistants sitting around my house to control something.

Over the past year, I can't say which of these are my favourites, but I've really come to rely on my cameras to watch my house and let me know who's coming around.  Have I told you the story of how I was able to catch a porch pirate?  Having our Nest Hello has been awesome, and one of the services I believed strongly enough in to plop real hard cash on for the service.

Google just announced some new cameras, new Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell (each are $239.99CDN)

What excites me a lot is the Nest Doorbell is now battery operated.  Remember when I went through all that rigamarole with my installation of the last?  I had to get find the wires, get a new transformer, drill holes in brick... it was a full on 'to do' list thing.

Now, you can just plop it on and it has a rechargeable battery and just mounts anywhere.  WHAT?!?  

It doesn't say how long the battery will last, or how securely it is fixed to its spot (then again someone could just pop off the Hello easily enough).

You can install it 'properly' with wires if you like.  If you choose battery only, it won't be wired into your doorbell chime.

When you get this, it'll also have a built in storage for 3 hours of feed (you won't get that without paying for a service on previous cameras).

The Nest Cam works pretty much the same way - just without a button for someone to ring.  It just pops onto its base, and I'm wondering how easy it would be for someone to pop it off (so put it up high I guess).

Both of them have microphones so you can hear what's going on and speakers so you can talk to whoever's on the other end of the camera.

Tag that in with Google's ability to recognize people and packages to give you all the smart alerts you need to feel secure.

Pretty cool stuff.