Destroy All Humans on Stadia

I love a good 'blow 'em up' game.  And nothing gets more 'blowy upy' than something like this Destroy All Humans.

You play 'crypto' an alien sent down to infiltrate and destroy the earth.

Kinda fun.  There's a mix of a 3rd person 3D world as well as when you get to jump into your spaceship and just use it to BLAST everything.

Throw in a mix of humour (reading the minds of the town yokels before you rip it out of their head) and it's a fun time.

Only issue is that I find it a little vague on what you're actually supposed to do.  There were a LOT of cinematic scenes in the beginning and that's fine, but even as you go on a few more levels there tends to be 'new things' every turn and bend.

Then, when you finish a 'mission' you can kinda wander around that area somewhat aimlessly.

I'm sure I need a few more dozen hours in it to really get the hang.

Check it out on Stadia!