Blasting Nazis with Wolfenstein: Young Blood [Stadia live]

Okay, if you're old like me, you remember some of the first real 'first person shooter' games out there.  And there's none more legendary than Wolfenstein.  BJ Blaskowicz out there shooting Nazis.  Was a great game.

And then there were more in the series, which were also good (I remember Return to Castle Wolfenstein).

The latest is Wolfenstein: Young Blood.  BJ's twin daughters, Sofia and Jess are out there trying to find their old man - and they get to do it in some funky suits to boot.

Because you're playing twins, it's got this very interesting co-op play mode, where you should partner with another player and blast away at the baddies and needing each other to open doors or solve puzzles.  

I've usually just put it in 'quick game' and I'm assuming that the computer is playing my twin.

It's a super fun game and I'm only a few levels in.  Getting cash to upgrade your gun throughout is something that will keep you playing more and more.

A great game for under $20CDN.  (so long as they keep the keyboard and mouse play)