WearOS is getting a bolstering with ... Samsung

Ever since the first Android Wear devices, I have been a fan.  I jumped back into the realm of wearing a watch (something I hadn't done prior to that in years).  I remember ordering that LG Watch and setting it up.  So much fun.

Wear OS has had some ups and downs, and there's been a feeling of 'cast adrift' for the past few years.  Where we used to have a ton of options, it's really dwindled down.  Meanwhile, Apple Watch grows, Samsung keeps pushing theirs out and Huawei have theirs.

Well, there was a glimmer of hope when Google gobbled up Fitbit (who had bought Pebble) meaning there was a lot of IP and experience coming in.

So, news that the new Samsung watch was going to have Wear OS, ... that was something unexpected.  Samsung had been pushing their Tizen OS for some time.  I did like some of the Galaxy Gears and Watches over time, but still preferred Wear OS and it's tighter integration with Android rather than specifically to one OEM.

Then the other day, at IO they announced that "What's New for Wear" they heavily touted the collaboration with Samsung.  That was unexpected.

Unexpected, but hopefully a breath of fresh air into the watches.  They even mentioned a YouTube Music app!!