Trine 4 - a neat platformer puzzle'ish game on Stadia

Okay, when you get a game like "Trine 4" - you wonder if you've missed something by not playing the earlier 3 games, but nae bother.

It's one of the free games this month with Stadia Pro, so let's give it a shot here.

The game centres on 3 'heroes' who each have a variety of skills, they jump around tryin got get further in a side scrolling platformer style game.  Sometimes you need the little knight who can reflect light with his shield, the rogue who can string ropes together with arrows or the magician who... despite having magic uses it to make and move boxes.

Together it all works as they... I dunno, save some prince or something.  Does it matter?  No, it's just always an interesting way to solve a variety of puzzles or beat up on