Roku and Youtube TV having a row

When it comes to streaming - I love the Roku for its simplicity.  

Mostly I use it for Netflix and the odd cast from something here or there.  What's neat about Roku is they have channels for the different streaming services.  Wife has Amazon Prime, my son's found some Fortnite streaming channels, and they have a bunch of others as well.

One service that's on there that's starting to cause a bit of a tiff is their YouTube TV channel.

Apparently, there's a disagreement between Roku and the giant Google - with Roku warning subscribers that they may not be able to use it on Roku anymore.

The agreement that Roku has with Google expires in a little bit, and Roku is taking a bit of a stance on the new conditions.  

So, would this be an issue to you: to not be able to use YouTube TV on Roku?  Do you subscribe to YouTube TV? Could we just cast from our phones instead?