PhotoSpring has a new Digital Photo Frame

During this pandemic, being able to conect to our family virtually has been important - and teaching family members about Zoom or Meet etc... have been ... well, fun.

Here's a simple way to send your family some photos from PhotoSpring.

PhotoSpring Reinvents the Digital Photo Frame – Again! 


Two New Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frames Available Today are the Easiest Way to Enjoy and Share Memories with Family and Friends 


Instantly Send Photos/Videos to the Frame from Anywhere in the World via Email, App or Web 


LOS ANGELES, CA, APRIL 15, 2021 – With families and friends separated this past year, it has been harder than ever to share memories with loved ones, whether across town or across the country.  For many, Facebook and Instagram are not easy to use or they aren’t on social media, and since few people actually print pictures, memories sometimes get lost, stuck on a phone never to see the light of day.  


PhotoSpring, the leading company innovating the digital photo frame market and the first to design a battery-powered frame that is easy to pick up and enjoy anywhere, today announced two new, second generation Wi-Fi-enabled devices to display photos and videos that can be instantly sent to the frame from anywhere in the world via Email, app or Web. 


As the simplest way to share photos and videos with family and friends who might not be “tech savvy,” the new PhotoSpring frames make it easier than ever to share memories and moments. Photos and videos sent to PhotoSpring appear in seconds, no matter where they live.  The frames are perfect for grandparents, college students, anyone working in an office, families, new parents and anyone who loves to see photos and videos from loved ones.  PhotoSpring also makes a great Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and/or graduation gift. 


The two new frames available beginning today are: 

-          PhotoSpring 10 Premium, available for $179 at 

-          PhotoSpring 10 Frame, available for $159 at 


PhotoSpring is easy to use and versatile. Pick it up to browse photos and videos like a photo album. Place it in its stand to display photos like a digital picture frame. The touchscreen and battery make it portable and easy to use. Just tap and swipe the screen to view photos, create albums and more.  


PhotoSpring’s unique and compelling new designs come from its teams’ decades of experience in the digital photo frame market and feedback from the PhotoSpring community. PhotoSpring is the only digital photo frame in the market that gives users the option to switch between a traditional frame style and a contemporary high-tech style. Since PhotoSpring offers best-in-industry support for video, both new models have improved sound volume and quality from the speakers and there’s an option to connect external speakers when the need arises.  


PhotoSpring is also a great way to keep in touch with the entire family. Have a large family? An unlimited number of people can instantly share photos to a PhotoSpring frame from anywhere in the world. Photos and videos will automatically appear. Want to share that perfect photo with the whole family? Send the same set of photos and videos to multiple frames at the same time. 


Both new frames out today feature: 

-          FULL-FEATURED DESIGN – 10-inch touchscreen with beautiful 1280x800 resolution, WiFi, and 16GB internal memory to hold thousands of photos 

-          EASY SETUP - Designed for non-techies, setup is only three simple steps, (1) Connect the frame  WiFi, (2) Answer a few simple questions, (3) Start sending and receiving photos and videos 

-          MULTIPLE WAYS TO SHARE - Choose to send photos and videos by email, app or web browser. The photos and videos appear on the frame in seconds, anywhere in the world. 

-          VIDEO CAPABILITY- Send, receive and enjoy videos up to 1GB in file size (approximately 5 min for 1080p video), the most of any digital frame on the market 

-          NO HIDDEN FEES – Never pay extra for any features. Everything is included at purchase - Full video support, Smartphone app, Multiple connections, Playlists, Cloud backup, and Extended three-year warranty 


The PhotoSpring 10 Premium also features a rechargeable battery that lasts over 4 hours, making it the ultimate digital photo album to bring on the road or pass around at home.  These two models represent significant upgrades from the first generation PhotoSpring frames previously introduced. Key upgrades include: 


  • Better quality and louder speakers 
  • The introduction of an “audio out jack” to connect earphone or external speakers 
  • A new SD card slot that will let users import photos from a digital camera’s SD card (feature will be implemented in the coming months via over the air update) 
  • New USB port that will let users backup/export their entire collection on a USB flash drive (feature will be implemented in the coming months via over the air update) 


“Anyone can bring instant joy to family or friends far away by sharing a special photo or video directly on their PhotoSpring frame,” said Dan Ho, President of PhotoSpring.  “PhotoSpring is great for anyone and is especially appreciated by grandparents, who may not be on Facebook or Instagram. Having a dedicated device to display photos and videos makes all the effort to take photos worthwhile.”