EPOS GTW 270 Hybrids receive BT update

The cool gaming earbuds (link) just got an update (remember, to get update you'll have to connect to the EPOS Gaming Suite software on your computer).

The update allows you now to be able to keep Bluetooth connection in tandem with the USB-C dongle (mind you, you only listen to one or the other).  Something called "Multi-point Connection"

How do I establish a multipoint connection?

A multipoint connection can be made between two Bluetooth® devices or a Bluetooth® device and a dongle connection.

Scenario 1: Two Bluetooth® connections

For two Bluetooth® devices, pair the GTW 270 Hybrid with both devices so they display “Connected” in their audio settings. When you want to switch between the two, pause the audio on one and start it on the other.

The GTW 270 Hybrid will automatically transfer to the second device.

Scenario 2: Bluetooth® and Dongle connection

When using a Bluetooth® device and a dongle connection, pair your GTW 270 Hybrid with your Bluetooth® device (e.g. mobile phone), then plug the dongle into your gaming device (e.g. PC or Nintendo SwitchTM).

The LED on the dongle lights purple when connected. If you want to switch from your gaming device to your mobile, double tap the dongle – the LED will light RED and then disconnect. The GTW 270 Hybrid automatically connects to your mobile. To switch the other way – from your phone to your gaming device, pause your audio and either plug in the dongle or – if already plugged in – tap the dongle button once. The GTW 270 Hybrid now establishes a connection to the dongle.

If you are receiving a call on your mobile phone, the call will override audio played from either devices or dongle connection and you will only hear the call in the GTW 270 Hybrid.