Dragon Quest XI - Stadia brings me some nostalgia

Way back in the early days of NES... there was this game I remember playing.  Dragon Warrior.

Sounded fun, but I didn't really know those role playing games and it was just a lot of slogging around grinding and killing those slime things.

Flash forward a few years and I see it again, but this time it was called Dragon Quest and the characters looked all different - they looked exactly like Goku and Trunks.. yeah, Akira Toriyama did the artwork, just not for the first one in the US or something (the AVGN does a good recount of the game series if you want to watch).

It's been a long time since I've played an RPG like this, and I was sorta expecting a top down style like Final Fantasy or that original Dragon Warrior ... but no, it's a 3D hybrid mix.

Pretty fun to play on Stadia and I can play wherever.

I'm only about 5 hours into it with some light grinding but I'm really liking it and I can see it beign a good long haul game for me.