Do you use emoji... for sexting? Nooo, really?

Okay, I know I'm old... I rarely use emoji at all.  Sometimes the good ol' emoticon :)

Finding the right emoji is usually a bit of a pain to go through.  If I do use one in any communications we have, it's often because the Google Keyboard suggesting it.

Well, this company called LELO... they, uh, have a stake in the business of 'intimate matters' and they just conducted a study on the use of emojis as it relates to ... ermm, relations...


Following a survey exploring the use of emojis for sexting, LELO, submits the application for the creation of the world's first official #sexemoji and calls on the public to show off their support.

With that in mind, LELO surveyed communication habits with a particular focus on the use of emojis for sexting. The survey that included ten thousand people revealed emojis had become an essential part of our day-to-day conversations, with:
  •  76% of respondents say that they use emojis when communicating about sex.
  • Half of those participating in the survey use emojis regularly, but not necessarily every time they sext.
  • Most people use emojis because they are playful (71.5%), and yet, almost 17% of those involved in the survey do not use them at all.
  • Emojis used for sexting are famous for their double entendres, the most popular ones being water droplets, peach and banana. But they also challenge people's creativity as icon combos sometimes include those that aren't overtly sexy on their own, like the baby milk bottle or the chilli pepper.  
  • When asked how likely are they to support the creation of the sex emoji, 86% said they would be happy to support LELO's application for the creation of a sex emoji, and 54% agree that alongside sex emoji, there should also be an emoji for safe sex and sex toys. To begin with. All of those would use the sex emoji in their communication.
  • As far as the design goes, the prevailing opinion is that the sex emoji should hint at sex, with 29% believing it should portray sex and 8% believing it should be abstract.

In light of this, LELO today submitted its application to introduce the first official #sexemoji to Unicode, the company behind emojis. As emojis are an integral part of how people connect, LELO believes that the creation of such an emoji will usher in a new era of communication about sex, further break the stigma surrounding the talk of sex online and help even more people be more satisfied with their sex life. Simultaneously, LELO launched a petition via asking the public to rally behind this cause.