ZTE brings out the new Unite IV hotspot for Bell

Users on Bell who want to hav a little better Wifi out at camp (for those of you not in Northern Ontario, read that as 'cottage') or where normal terrestrial internet is hard to get, now have a new device that you can take with you - the Unive IV - a mobile hotspot.

It'll be available at Bell for $300.

Hopefully with the roll out of more vaccines and some easing restrictions we might be able to see a somewhat reutrn of ability to move about and the return of the 'great Canadian roadtrip'. 

Having a mobile hotspot can make sure the kids have connection for their devices, freeing up your phone's bandwidth.

What’s to love about the ZTE Unite IV mobile hotspot?
  • Signal Quality: ZTE is a global leader in antenna technology, so you can count on a strong, stable signal with greater WiFi range.
  • Battery Life: Decided you would rather disconnect? The ZTE Unite IV has up to 12 days of standby time, and quick charge.
  • User Friendly: A sleek, portable design and large full-color touch screen boost all around ease of use.