Unboxing some Smartish accessories - Wallet Slayer

It's funny how I used to not like cases.  But, as I grow more and more attached to my tech, protecting it is important.

But beyond protection - it's got to be functional - otherwise we'd just put them in those mostrous boxes and lumber them around.  

So, a recent brand I was made aware of - Smartish - i like that brand name - kinda how I refer to myself these days ... has a case for the new Samsung Galaxy S21 phone - their Wallet Slayer.

Ooh, I like that.  I've been trying to minimize what I carry around, and my wallet was one of the first things to get trimmed down.  

There have been those stick on card holders - but they never last - so this was intriguing.

Here's what they sent to me to give my opinion on:

So, not just the Wallet Slayer case can be a way to offer some protection for your expensive phone, but also a utilty to keep your most readily used cards easy at hand.

Plus, they sent me some other goodies to try out, like the "Prop-Tart" a finger loop to stick on the back of your device.

And the neat Cable Wrangler.

But, even more welcome in that pack was the Crown Joule cable (heh... joule... get it), love a good cable accessory.

Will have a fuller review up soon and the giveaway for the extra cases.  Stay tuned.