Smartish Wallet Slayer Review [and giveaway]

A case needs to be the right mixture between functionality and utility.

It should protect, but not be a clunky case.  It should serve some purpose - so is it stylish?

The Smartish (again, great name for a company, it's something I use to describe myself) has the "Wallet Slayer" which is a nice rigid case, and just thick enough to allow you to store to a max of 3 credit cards in it, all for only $20USD.

So, they sent me a couple of cases to try out (and to giveaway so stick around if you've got an S21 you need a case for).

Check it out

This, you get for just $20USD - which is a pretty good price for any case, let alone one that offers the option to have a mini wallet with you.

It is a little bulky, I will admit; especially after you've put 3 cards in there.  I put 3 'flat' cards and it had a bit of a bend in it to make it feel a little thicker.  

I would probably limit it to just my credit card and say my parking card, were it me.

It's got a neat way to hold the cards in place.  Typically with those card holder backing stickers, they're made with a soft rubber that bends and eventually becomes too loose to hold.

With this, there's a piece of bend hard plastic that acts as resistance and holds them in place, seems that with the harder plastic, there's less chance for it to lose its elasticity.

Putting the cards in are easy enough, and getting them out is just as easy with the notch cut on the far side so you can easily push the card out.  

Now, it's a little tough to get the 'exact' card you want out, but with only 3 max, it's not a big difficulty or inconvenience.

So it does feel a little thick compared to a regular case, but it's actually not so bad.

The bonus is that, surprisingly, it can still charge through Qi with the cards in place (obviously, your mileage might vary with charger and card variations).  I tested this with my iPhone 8 model to verify - but the IMStick back wasn't effective through it.

All in all, for $20USD it's not too bad


Alright - the giveaway - starting right away you can enter the gleam widget and put in the information and then I'll be picking the winner on the morning of the 27th.

I'll make sure everything is sanitized, and kept in an envelope/mail sleeve for a few days before I mail it out - so no worries.  Winners will be contacted with the details they provided and then have 24 hours to respond else I'll pick the next winner.