Nonograms - my new puzzle obsession

During this pandemic, some people have found new ways to entertain themselves... some like baking, some are doing jigsaw puzzles... me, I found recently Nonograms, or Picross some folks call 'em.

I first encountered them back with Android 10 and that being its Easter Egg, I didn't quite get what it was then, but recently tried them out again as I was getting bored with Sudoku and others.

Here's me giving an app a try and a bit of a walkthrough how the puzzles work.

Now, I did have to try through a few apps in the Play Store as I found, as most do these days, just laden with ads and ads and ads... and some just drained the battery.  Like seriously draining.

The one I'm showing off here is Nonogram Logic - I found it a little simplistic, almost too simplistic, but a good balance for the amount of ads I have to watch to how much I get to play.

What (positive) habits have you picked up during this whole fun past year?

Get it on Google Play