Google Shutting down their Stadia Games & Entertainment studio

Way back in 2019, Google had unleashed their concept of game streaming, called Stadia.  With it, they announced some support to help those developers build on the platform by launching the Stadia Games and Entertainment division with a studio in Montreal, and then later another in Los Angeles.

The idea here was to help develop, in-house, games that are exclusive to their platform.  They even acquired the Typhoon Studios to bring that team in to just work on Stadia Games.

So from all that, they've put out a couple games, but for the most part the Stadia platform is dominated by 3rd party games (like Assassin's Creed, or Cyberpunk).  Seeing that, Google had decided to close the studio, so they no longer will make their own games, but rather let the platform be for 3rd party games.

The 150 jobs that were at the studio, will be transitioned to other positions.

That hasn't stopped a few comments out there of people saying "well, that's another bone for the Google Graveyard".  

Just because they're not going to make their own games, doesn't mean it's dead.  Here, let me show you:

It's still alive, and still will be.  Games like Fenyx or Assassin's Creed are awesome, and the companies making them are still making them, and will continue making them, and hopefully still make them available on Stadia.  True, it's up to the game devs themselves, so it's at their mercy (looking at you PUBG, with you killing MKB play... ugh); but for the most part it's been that way already.  

I like Stadia, and loving playing my games and I'm always finding the value in the $16CDN/month for the membership.

Give it a try!