Walkthrough of the iRobot Home app for our Roomba

Just before the holidays we got a new 'pet', our little Spot, who is the iRobot Roomba i7+ model and its been such a welcomed addition to our home.

You can see some of the initial review we had here:  https://www.androidcoliseum.com/2021/01/our-roomba-spot-goes-out-for-its-first.html

It's been great to follow it around and see how it handles, and I'm still readying a follow up review after a month or so on lessons learned and tips for it; but needless to say we're so impressed by this smart help in the home, so much so that my wife has been heard to say:  "every home needs one of these".

In the mean time, I thought I'd show you how the app for this all works.  Having a smart little robot is one thing, but we need a good way to communicate with it; as the device only has 3 buttons on it, and would be kinda limiting to its full potential, so here it is, the iRobot Home app: