No more LG phones?

I was just in the group call the other day for LG at the CES booth and there was a lot of focus on the new TVs, the new applicances and then only a mention of the LG Wing, almost a byline. And I thought was so cool... odd, but cool.

Sure, they had talked about it before ... but it was noticed.  Usually LG and Samsung have big events tied to CES... will they have a new G series device?  I don't think we saw a V series device last year.

Is the writing on the wall?  I know there's a lot of folks who wouldn't bat an eye about LG exiting the phone market, and even a few who will help hold the door for them; but I for one would be sad that another option is gone.

Remember Moto?  I know they still have some presence in the USA, but almost nothing in Canada.  HTC?

The strength of Android lay in the fact that you had choices.  

Hearing they may pull out (and I get why), would be sad.  Hope they decide to stay.  I have a little corner of my heart always there for LG, ever since the Optimus G, then the G2, the Nexus 4, and on.  They were the first company to really recognize our little blog and bring us to those launch events.

Source:  Korea Herald via The Verge