An Unboxed Roomba i7+

So, the other day I had the folks over at iRobot ask about some reviews, and apparently I met their requirements for me to be able to actually try out this piece of home tech I've wanted to try for a long time.  A Roomba.  C'mon, something that a) is tech, b) automated, c) cleans for me ... super win.

We had a great initial chat about features and covering what it will do and how it will work, and then it arrived.

I meant to do an unboxing video, and when I was doing that with all the enthusiasm I had of a cut at Christmas morning, I gave myself a papercut with the cardboard (you are more than likely more cautious than I was being), and then it was bleeding a little, and I thought you wouldn't want to see that. I had unboxed enough of it, that I couldn't put the toothpaste back in... so you get this.  An unboxed video.  I think the trend will catch on!  😁

Now, this is the i7+ which means it has the cannister on the base, the Clean Base, which will be handy and not having to empty the little duder's cannister.  When it gets 'home' it empties itself out into the Clean Base which has a bag, which has a special AllergenLock bag.

There's an extra filter for the robot, and then you get an extra bag as well.  There's also a spare 'whipper' for the cleaner (known as the Edge Sweeping Brush).  I'll have to see how long each of those lasts.

Setting up the little 'dirty mcdirt-face' will have to wait until we remove the Christmas tree, as it's in about the only spot in our house which will have the required 1½' clearance around the base so that it can hone in on where it needs to go and dock properly.

Once I get the permission to take down the tree of festivity, we'll have a little home for my new robotic helper, and I look forward to it learning the layout of my house and then training it to do my bidding, like teaching it what's the kitchen, and what's the bedroom or bathroom, and giving it commands through the Google devices.  Fun!