Google adding in new features for Android

Who doesn't love new things on their phone?

Google's dropping some 'holiday treats' for us with updates/upgrades/features.

First up is a new way to mix some emojis into a new style of sticker with messaging:

I gotta admit I'm not a big emoji user, so fancy emojis are definitely not my style... but neat.

Secondly, we might get more audiobooks as they're launching a tool for publishers to auto-generate narrated stories.  

Not sure I'd want to hear an entire book read out by my Google Assistant.  Part of buying an audiobook is that it's voiced by a competent voice actor.

Third is better / easier ways to navigate using your phone with your voice.

Great for those with different disabilities to manage.

Fourth, Maps now has a "Go Tab" for your oft-visited locations - so it's easier to navigate how to get there.

But, if you go there often, doesn't that mean you know how to get there then?

Fifth is that Android Auto will be available now in more countries.

Now I just need that 'compatible car'.

Lastly, but probably the neatest is improving 'Nearby Share'.

This is a feature I'd only really heard of, but not really used.  Remember, NFC Beaming?  I guess that without being so close... so, Bluetooth?  It's not a really user intuitive sharing mechanism, but hopefully this makes it better.