Unboxing Google's new Nest Thermost (now available for $180)

I mistakenly gave the USD price in my unboxing, but even at $180 for a 'smart' thermostat, it's a good deal.

Excited to try to install this on the wall as it'll be super easy as I already had the Nest Thermostat E, so the previous installer left everything neat and tidy.

Google’s brand new Nest Thermostat officially launches in Canada. The newest member of the Nest family offers a sleek and beautiful design and is an easy to use, energy-saving thermostat that you can control from anywhere with the Google Home app. The Nest Thermostat Trim Kit, sold separately, also launches today and is designed to cover any imperfections on your wall. 


The Nest Thermostat ($179.99) and the Nest Thermostat Trim Kit ($19.99), both come in Snow, Charcoal, Sand and Fog. They can be purchased at the Google Store and at Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Lowes, Rogers and Staples.