Unboxing the Acer Chromebook Spin (713)

I love me a Chromebook.  Sure, there can be some blips in those that are transitioning from a truly Windows or Mac life, but for the most part, it is just seamless.  

I'm finding a bit of a hiccup with the loss of Google Cloud Print, but there are ways around it.  Or a client emailed me a WMA file to use, but there's no built in viewer for that - but I could easily download VLC.  Always an option.

What I love the most about Chromebooks is just the sheer variety of the options.  There's a Chromebook from any simple to more tech end loaded situation.

Recently, I received the Acer Chromebook Spin.  It checks all the boxes I do like, a decent processor at the Intel i5, a good amount of RAM at 8GB, full swivel touchscreen and it has USB-C for ports on BOTH sides.  

YAAS. Plus, full ports for HDMI, USB-A and others without being too thick.

Let's have a look at the unboxing:

So yeah, here's the part that it took me a little to realize - it's a 3:2 display.  It's more square than the typical 16:9 ratios we're normally used to with displays.  It looks more like an old school square TV.  

After a week or so of using it I haven't really noticed at all that difference affecting me in any way like I thought it might.  Very cool