Tip for using the Slideout side menu and Gesture Navigation

Okay, I love the gesture navigation - it was ridiculous how quickly I adopted to it and have never looked back.  Swiping up to go home, swiping from the left or right sides to go back... it's so much muscle memory that I barely think any more (and my wife hasn't switched yet, so when I use hers or my sons I just almost can't use it).

Except there's still a legacy app design item - the slideout side menu (I have no clue what the real name of the element is called).  The way those work is that you can hide your menu in a side menu that you swipe from the left of the app to bring it out.  I loved it.  It was usually accompanied with those 'hamburger' icons.

Now those slideout menus would be interfering with the 'back' gesture if you do it from the same side.

There were sometimes workarounds where they would have a small sliver of area where it triggers the menu or triggers the navigation.

I hated having to abandon trying to pull out the menu and reach for the icon.

Until I found this tip from JR Raphael.

Additionally, you could 'long press' on the edge and then slide it out, however I find the length for that 'long press' is a bit longer than I like.  The 45 degree angle is way faster once you get the hang of it.