Clutch - world's thinnest portable charger v2

I gotta have a good charger, and the best chargers are the ones you have with you.  To help make it easier to have with you having it be thinner is one way that helps.  Having it also have the cable embedded on it is definitely another.

The Clutch has both of those.

Now, 3000mAh isn't the biggest battery capacity out there, but can definitely come through in a ... wait for it ... clutch.

Setting you back $49USD it is more expensive than other portable chargers for the same size, but, as I said, it's got a couple of neat features:

1st - it's super thin.  Like it's only a couple of credit cards thick.  Easy to have it just about anywhere without it being another weight in a pocket.

2nd - it has that it has the cable connected to it.  You'll not have to worry about finding the cable, or leaving a cable plugged into it that will eventually just get bent somehow.  

Sure, I wish that the cable was just a smidge thicker as it does feel a little light.

3rd - the battery indicator has 4 LEDs for me to get a more accurate estimate on how much battery do I actually have.

So yeah, there are some cheaper ones.  I can look on Amazon quickly and find ones for less than half of that price, but you'll need a cable... not only to charge it, but the ones to charge your device.  Or they're bigger or a weird shape that just won't fit in your pocket easily.

And I like the clean look it has, with the added advantage of it actually feels pretty strong for how thin it is.  This isn't going to get a bend in it easily.

It may not be for you, but I know there's going to be a few out there that are always looking for 'just the right' charger... it's an ever elusive hunt.  Well, this might be what you're looking for.