Google's upgraded assistant speaker - Nest Audio

Now this looks pretty cool as I've populated my house with Home minis and from just being used for questions, we've started to use it for alarms and more and more just streaming radio or music.

So, having something with better quality sound will probably get me to listen to more music on it (as usually I'm only listening to audio on the Nest Hub max or other BT speakers).  I'd love to use it for my speakers in my office for my Pixelbook... ooh!

The Nest Audio is claimed to be 50% more bass and 75% more volume than the original Google Home.  I wonder how close it will be to the Home Max sound, or how much compared to the mini.

High quality sound comes at a price, and it's almost 4x the price of a mini (depending on sales), so it'll need to be heard to deem the value for it.

(Personally, I want to see if I can use 2 of them as stereo speakers in a room... but then I guess the multiple assistants makes it a moot point)

Nest Audio

Price: $129.99 CAD

Colours: Chalk, Charcoal, Sand, Sky and the all-new Sage

Availability: October 5 (available now for pre-order

  • Nest Audio is Google’s latest smart speaker that is made for music lovers.
  • Nest Audio’s sound is clear, natural and full and is 75 per cent louder and has a 50 per cent stronger bass than the original Google Home.
  • Google is continuing its commitment to sustainability with Nest Audio. It’s covered in the same sustainable fabric that was first introduced with Nest Mini last year, and the enclosure (meaning the fabric, housing, foot, and a few smaller parts) is made from 70 per cent recycled plastic.