September 1st and there's 6 more games for Stadia Pro to claim

One of the reasons I kinda love a new month is that we get new games for Stadia.  This month brings 6 more games to the fold:

  • Super Bomberman R Online Premium new
  • Hello Neighbour new
  • Hitman - The Complete First Season new
  • Gunsport new
  • Metro Last Light Redux
  • Embr (Early Access)

Some other new games to the library are Hitman (2, 2 Gold Edition and Game of the Year Edition), Windbound, PGA Tour 2K21, Spiritfarer, Superhot: Mind Control Delete, Doom.

Best of all, if you keep the subscription you get August's games still and you'll have these all in your folder.

Perfect for me as I'm finding it well worth the subscription so far (just finished Monster Boy ... just in time for a new game).  I've now got 40 games in my library I can play at any time all for just the $12CDN/month.

Looking forward to playing Hitman again (can't remember th elast version of the game I played), and Bomberman looks FUN.  Metro I was meh on so I doubt an enhanced version will change my mind.  But Hello Neighbour and Embr look like a lot of fun to play with Dean.