Chromebooks just got better with 3 important updates

Just so we're clear - it took me an update or so to see this new set of features; I'm now on 85.0.4183.84.

I'm definitely not regretting ditching all windows devices at home and diving in solely with Android and Chrome. My kid keeps reminding me tho' about Steam.

But I love how it's just Google all the way throughout all my devices.  Love it.

Today they updated Chrome OS with 3 major updates, 2 are meh, but one is a definite for this remote working / learning from home.

The full blog can be seen on The Keyword (Google's blog about a bunch of their products)

First up is that you can now sync your WiFi passwords across devices.

Makes sense as we sync passwords across Chrome, why not the WiFi too.

They mention being able to sign into a new Chromebook, or a friend's and then having the WiFi password ready ... but wouldn't you need internet to sign-in?  I guess it's if you get it, and sign in at home, then take it to work you don't have to get the router password there.

Next up is the ability to find system settings from the settings' search bar. Go into settings and just like on Android you can type what you're looking for into the search and it'll find appropriate matches.  No more having to remember: SETTINGS / DEVICES / DISPLAY ....

Mic settings

I didn't realize this until I started doing some of our band and other board meetings from home on my Pixelbook.  If I didn't use my Yeti mic, and just my headset or something for a mic, I got a lot of "you're awfully quiet".

Now we have a slider for the microphone.

Just tap the system tray, click the > next to the volume slider and you'll now see output and input sliders.

They've also made the camera easier to record videos and working on using the 'universal search' able to bring up settings ... so you can just hit the circle button (or key... or windows button if you have an external keyboard hooked up) and just type 'bluetooth' to bring up that setting.


Keep at it Google... keep making this thing better!