OWC dock for your Pixelbook (or other USB-C laptops)

Working from home for most of March - July was... well, it worked.  I can say that much.

Having to connect my home monitor to my laptop was a must, and I use my monitor for my Pixelbook as well.  Now, you can do it via a simple adapter, but that's boring.

Plus, if you're blocking up a USB-C port for display, then where you getting power?  You'll need to find something that has a passthru for power.

I came across this "Other World Computing" travel dock that I really like.

It says 'travel' and it is compact enough to plop in the bag and take with me, but it's also sleek enough to live on my desk now.

It's pretty slick, in that I love how the USB-C cord is tethered to it and just tucks away neatly underneath.

For options it's got the pretty-well full complement, HDMI, passthru USB-C power, USB-A x2, and a full SD card slot (wish it had a microSD option).

So enough for me to plug in my monitor, passthru for power, my keyboard/mouse adapter and my Yeti as well.

Now, I will say I did have some issue initially that when I had it plugged in overnight that the passthru power would kill the other outputs.  I jiggled some cables, moved it around and it was working again and over a week now hasn't stopped working again. So maybe some glitch, maybe something about devices drawing power too much... not sure.

Great little device and pretty well a must have these days for working from home or away from the office these days.