LG's Tone Free wireless buds come with UV santization

There are a few different truly wireless earbuds out there.  I've reviewed 2 recently (Huawei FreeBuds and Pixel Buds 2).  

Not wanting to be left out, LG has introduced their version with the TONE Free with 2 different sets.  The FN4 and the FN6.  

For the FN4 it looks to be $150CDN, then for $50 more for the FN6 you get wireless charging and UV cleaning (funny, their presser makes it seem that both come with that feature)

LG Electronics Canada (LG) has announced the Canadian debut of the LG TONE FreeTM, its first true wireless earbuds in the market (models HBS-FN4 and HBS-FN6). These earbuds boast an industry-first UVnano charging case that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on the part of the earbud closest to your inner ear with a 10-minute charge, a key feature as we navigate through this new normal.

Additional product features include:

        Meridian technology for the best sound quality.

        User-tailored listening experience with four sound settings and Ambient Sound Mode, allowing users to hear what’s going on around them, without removing their earbuds.

        UVnano powerful charging case that provides up to 18 hours of playtime and protection against splashing water, rain and perspiration.

        Locate missing earbuds quickly with the LG TONE&Talk App from Google Play or Apple App Store


The true wireless TONE FreeTM earbuds offers innovative design, premium sound quality and a UVnano charging case that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria on earbuds’ speaker mesh

TORONTO, August 5, 2020 – LG Electronics Canada (LG) announced today, its Canadian debut of the LG TONE FreeTM, its first true wireless earbuds in the market (models HBS-FN4 and HBS-FN6). The innovative product features Meridian technology for the best sound quality and a unique UVnano charging case that eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria on the part of the earbud closest to your inner ear with a 10-minute charge.

The flagship FN6 model’s industry-first UVnano charging case is UL Verified to reduce bacteria based on a new ultra-violet-light test protocol developed by microbiology experts at UL, considered one of  the world’s leading safety science companies. UL verified that the UV light reduces bacteria on the earbuds’ speaker mesh by 99.9 percent during the powered charging cycle.

Developed with Meridian technology, the earbuds deliver an extra dimension of sound with Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP), powered by Digital Signal Processing (DSP) – a technology that Meridian has been perfecting for over 25 years. DSP recreates a realistic soundstage that simulates the experience of listening to real loudspeakers, and also delivers vocals with pristine clarity to completely immerse the listener.

Whether users are listening to a classic opera, electronic tunes or a simple podcast – they can tailor their listening experience with equaliser sound settings (EQ) developed by Meridian. The four settings include Natural for authentic and balanced sound, Immersive for an expanded sense of space, Bass Boost for that extra punch and Treble Boost for greater vocal performance clarity. Users will be able to transform their experience no matter what they’re listening to.

While earbuds allow users to tune out external noise, LG TONE FreeTM also gives them the ability to hear what is going on around them with the press of a button thanks to Ambient Sound Mode – eliminating the need to remove earbuds when interacting with the outside world.

“We poured all of our accumulated expertise into creating the sound identity for the new generation of LG TONE FreeTM earbuds,” said Meridian Audio CEO John Buchanan. “Whether you’re at home, in the car, commuting or at the gym, the new LG TONE FreeTM is a clear step forward in audio innovation and performance, meeting the demand for convenient high-quality listening experiences, anywhere.”

LG’s innovative UVnano charging case also provides users with a powerful charge – allowing them to listen to music for up to one hour with just five minutes of charging and when fully charged both models hold multiple charges providing up to 18 hours of playtime.

For enhanced usability and durability, both models are rated IPX4 for protection against splashing water, rain and perspiration while working out. They also feature Voice Command with Google Assistant or Siri on a connected smartphone, and offer intuitive touch commands to allow the listener to play, pause, skip and control the volume level without reaching for the phone.

Download LG TONE&Talk App from Google Play or Apple App Store to access the ‘earbud finder’ tool to locate misplaced or lost earbuds quickly. If there is a Bluetooth connection, the LG TONE FreeTM will begin to beep and if there is no connection the app will show you the last known location on a map.

LG TONE FreeTM FN4 (MSRP $149.99) and FN6 (MSRP $199.99) are now available at Best Buy, Amazon and select mobile carriers. Visit LG.ca to learn more.