Google Play Music is going away too soon - and I don't like it

Up there with 'get off my lawn' th eretort of "...and I don't like it" referring to practices from Google has been all too common over the years.

Lately, we've heard a lot about the changing from Google Play Music (GPM) to YoutubeMusic (YTM).

Originally, the plan was not to force people onto the new platform until they had equivocal features.  I guess that's off the books now as we're getting now the notice that it'll be shuttered even sooner.

Then we've heard that access to the Wear OS version will be limited.

It just sucks that we don't have a similar app yet in YTM.. and here's why I hate YTM.

Yeah, it sucks.

First off, no Wear OS compatible app.  I want to be able to load songs on to my watch, leave my phone in my locker and go for a jog.  No worries about holding my phone while I run, or is it in a pocket that bounces etc... ugh.  

Second, why do you have to pester me with ads to pay for a service where I listen to MY OWN MUSIC?  Nearly every other time I open the app, I get an ad for "hey do you want to pay us for all the music?"  "no" ... and then with no short or long term memory they'll ask me again.  Aggrevating.  I get that if I wanted to listen to music I didn't own, I'd have to listen to ads.  But I only want MY music.  UGH.

Getting new music is no longer through the Play Store then... so movies I can still buy there.  Games, apps and books... everything but music.

Listening to the music I own is hard enough in the app.  To FIND my music is downright aggrevating.  Trying to scroll through the songs list is painful when I have almost 30k songs.  Then, when I pick my song to play, it generates a list of songs to play next, but it doesn't do so from MY list.  So if I listen to MY song, it plays it from THEIR list and then I can't listen to it in the background.. BRUTAL.

Once I've uploaded my songs (which their tool is terrible to upload) I cannot make any changes to the title, artist, cover art, etc... at all.  SUPER AGGREVATING.

Things worked before perfectly - why change 'em, Google?