Truly Wireless Charger for your summer activities

It's summer and although we're doing it more safely and 'distanced' we are getting outside for more activities.

Gonna have to keep that device charged tho'.

Check out the Infinacore

Free Your Life from Wires - Pandora Portable Power (P³) Launches 

the Ultimate All-in-One Wireless Charging Bank 


Convenient, travel-ready charger features full wireless capabilities

so you always have power at home or on the go


NEW YORK, NY, JULY 28, 2020 – While we have all heard of wireless charging, why is the charger itself still frequently wired and plugged into an outlet to get the power?  To go truly wireless, InfinaCore today introduced Pandora Portable Power (P³), a cutting-edge, convenient, travel-ready charger with full wireless capabilities that charges up to 2x faster than other wireless chargers.  Whether at home or on the go, with P³ you always have power without the cords. 


Featuring an innovative design, P³, which is small enough to fit in a pocket, can simply be plugged in a wall to charge with its included prongs. Once the device is charged, it can be removed from the outlet and is instantly 100% wireless. Users can place their Qi compatible wireless device on top of P³  and receive fast charging with no cables or cords attached to the phone or the charger. 


Pandora Portable Power can be purchased beginning today for $39.99 at


Featuring an 8000mAh global wireless charger with a compact design and dual USB fast charging, P³ allows users to also charge USB-C laptops and notebooks.  P³’s anti-slip rubber padding ensures the phone stays in place while on the device, and the stable base keeps the charger and phone stationary.


“Portable charging is now finally truly portable with the introduction of Pandora Portable Power,” said Victor Chor, co-founder of InfiniCore.  “While other companies talk about ‘wireless chargers,’' their charging pads and devices are more often than not plugged into an outlet. P³ removes all the wires and free users to have portable power on the go.”


Available in both polar white and midnight black color options, P³ also includes two international travel adapters (EU and UK) to enable users to travel the world and always have the peace of mind that their electronics will never run out of power.  Users can also convert P³ into a continual 18W power bank, with USB 3.0 QuickCharge technology and USB Type-C PowerDelivery, by plugging it into the wall and charging several devices simultaneously with pass-through charging.  P³’s LED screen displays exactly how much power remains, so users never have to guess.