It's National Ice Cream Day - Google tells us what we search for

For me, it's not really summer until I can get a fresh gelato from one of our awesome local companies.  I don't know if 'technically' gelato is ice cream or not.  That debate can get pretty heated.

But, it's National Ice Cream Day (well, it's officially one in the US, not sure if it is in Canada ... but let's co-opt it) and Google Canada has released some creamy cool search data on our frozen delights:

Top 10 Canadian Cities Searching for Ice Cream:

*From January to July 10, 2020

What?  Thunder Bay isn't listed?  I guess e just KNOW where ice cream is.

The Most Searched Ice Cream Flavours by Province:
What?  Vanilla... how boring.  who searches out boring flavours?

The Most Searched Ice Cream Types:
What's the point of keto ice cream?

Most Searched Ice Cream Flavours:

  1. Banana ice cream
  2. Vanilla ice cream
  3. Pistachio ice cream
  4. Chocolate ice cream
  5. Strawberry ice cream
  6. Coconut ice cream
  7. Coffee ice cream
  8. Mango ice cream
  9. Avocado ice cream
  10. Oreo ice cream


The Most Searched Ice Cream How To’s:

  • How to make homemade ice cream
  • How to make ice cream in a bag
  • How to make vanilla ice cream
  • How to make ice cream cake