Google Play Pass available - is it worth it?

Just getting into the groove with Stadia, and now that I can play my games on my Samsung Tablet and connect the controller wirelessly, .. I'm definitely enjoying it.

But, Google's always had a bit of a split personality issue.  2 services that are very similar, yet different.

Google+ Chat / Hangouts

YouTube Music / Google Play Music

YouTube Premium / YouTube Red

...I could go on.

So, just as I'm enjoying the Stadia subscription, the Google Play Pass is now available.  

And I'm stuck with a conundrum.

I can game on Stadia, on my Android, ... or I can game on my Android with the Play Store games.  Shame they're not connected.

I'm curious to try the $6/month for a bit or do I do the $35/year.

Doesn't really list what games are included (update: thanks AndroidAuthority).  Looking at th eones from the pics they show ... I've already paid for Terraria, KotR, Monument Valley...