Chrome OS M84 update adds Explore app and more

I can't tell you how liberating it feels lately that I've eschewed all others and we're an Android / ChromeOS family at home.  I really don't miss anything (despite my son telling me often that it's really just a bigger phone and he can't play whatever the console version of Minecraft is).

Recently, it just got an update and I'm itching to test it out when I get home.

The big add is the new 'app' Explore which allows new users a better start up experience and a walkthrough of many of the features that Chrome has.

Folks who have 'converted' may find themselves looking often for 'how do i...' and this can go through a lot of that and then is easily found to reference later on as well.

Additionally, for my interest there was a "Perks" feature in Explore ... in the US you'd get 100GB of Google 1 and Stardew Valley and Disney+ month for free.  I wonder what we'll get in Canada!