117 new emojis on Android 11 - happy Emoji Day

Maybe it's because I'm old.  I'm not a big emoji guy.  I can rock a pretty good emoticon ... :D   :P

But even those I use so rarely.

But, I'm not the common user, lots of people use LOTS of emojis all the time.

With it being World Emoji Day, Google is sharing out the 117 new emojis they'll be including in Android 11 when it gets released this fall.

Here's their announcement:

Happy World Emoji Day! As the world began sheltering in place earlier this year, Gboard saw the use of emoji rise by over 40 percent. To make it easier to share your thoughts and feelings, we’re announcing over 100 new emoji designs that will be available on Android later this fall. 

Never heard of World Emoji Day? "The internet" uses July 17 as the day we share and pay attention to  all things emoji. Traditional ways of celebrating include: sending emoji, receiving emoji, asking existential questions about emoji, ... or offering a sneak peek at some new emoji.

So what’s new?!

Last year, we sent a proposal to the Unicode Consortium focused on introducing more empathetic expressions and finding opportunities to bring equity to the keyboard. We’ll see some of those efforts released this fall with new additions like slightly smiling face, two people hugging, man in veil, woman in tuxedo, and person feeding baby. 


Other emoji will be added as well—hit that piñata or bang on the long drum to celebrate. Send an anatomical heart when the love is so real, so raw. Or perhaps you’ll identify with one of the new animals, like a super cute bison, an eager beaver or a polar bear that just needs a little love (and thanks to the help of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Victoria Bug Zoo, we were able to give them a more authentic look). There are also new food emoji, like a tamale (nom nom), a boba tea sure to make you thirsty, and even a teapot for those who felt the “hot beverage” emoji was simply not “tea time” enough.

Return of the King

In addition to creating new emoji, we took a look at some of our favorites! As we rely more and more on digital communications, so much of what makes face-to-face chat easy, is lost. Which is why we’re so happy to bring back some warmth to our little friends again; perhaps a few look a bit familiar. :-) It’s true, The King Has Returned with a glow up, as have a few of his friends. After all, we promised to protect this perfect tortoise with our lives. Try not to get lost in the open-hearted optimism of the sheep’s eyes. And I dare you not to smile back at señor bunny.

We also gazed into the eyes of our favorite smileys to understand them on the inside and outside, and we redesigned some of our emoji  so they look good in dark-mode for late night texting ;-). 

Emoji at your fingertips

The new emoji designs aren’t the only thing to be excited for! We’re rolling out a quick access emoji bar to Gboard beta starting today, and to all Gboard Android users in the coming months. Soon you’ll be able to send not just one, but five red-hearts when you want your friend to know how much you wish you could be there for them ❤❤❤❤❤️.