Samsung has 3 new laptops ...err 'books'

Still in the midst of this pandemic we have this small glimmer of potentially light at the end of the tunnel, with the province of Ontario where I am amid the 1st Stage of reopening, and potentially allowing regional re-opening.  

For me that means that although I'm still hunkered in my 'business basement', I do take the opportunity and nice weather to go to the office a bit more and, I'm starting to do more work up on the patio.

Having a computing device that is more portable is essential.  It's hard to do work from my cell reliably, so a laptop is more appropriate.

Samsung is recognizing this need for portable computing power and released 3 new Galaxy Books, powerful laptops:

Check out their press release and compare the models.  

They are lightweight, but not so light in the wallet, but also not light on their power either.

I'm excited to try out the Flex and compare it to my Pixelbook with the Pixel Pen.