Android's latest beta goes to 11

Oh come on, everybody's making that joke.

Just look at the icon.

Today Android released the beta of Android 11.  Still miss them calling it after desserts... What should we have called R?  Rhubar Tart?

It took me the better part of the day before I could see on the site my eligible devices.  I'm going to shy away from enrolling my daily use Pixel 4 XL, so I enrolled my 3a XL.

And even then it kept saying it could not enroll me at that time.  Took a few tries before it finally took.

I'll admit, I've been a little 'pre-occupied' to keep up with what's new, so this will be a pleasant surprise diving in.

To prep yourself, you can read over their blog here:

Have you installed it yet?  What do you think?