YouTube Music Transfer - a form to sign up early?

Here I am, still curating my Google Play Music playlists like a deckhand arranging chairs on the sinking Titanic.  Sigh.

I don't mind YouTube Music, it seems cool, but it's MISSING SO MUCH in order to be my replacement.  Not just all my music.

That's a story and a rant for another day.  For now, the tool to transfer your music library over to YTM has been whispered about, and heard that some people were getting it, and well, now it looks like it's hitting stage 2 of a broader beta by letting people ask to be a part.  You gotta fill out this survey from .. I'm assuming it's Google.  (I got it from 9to5Google).

If it's not Google, you're not giving them any info more than your email and country.

Check it out:  Interest Form for Earlier Access to Google Play Music Transfer Tool