SYNC Pro by SOUL are now available - true wireless earbuds with dual mics

It's a status symbol nowadays... a few years ago there were a couple entrants to the market that started to add 'truly wireless' earbuds.  To be honest... I scoffed.  I thought people would lose them like crazy without tethering them to at least each other.

But, due to the Apple effect, it's a sure status symbol now.  I love my Pixelbuds, but when people still see the connecting cord there's definitely a 'scoff' by them.  Scoff away, I say.

Now because of the Apple effect there have been lots of competition in this field too, and how do you stand out against those 'pods'?  Have something better.

So, for cheaper, and to add that both buds will have a mic, Soul has launched SYNC Pro buds:

SOUL: SYNC ProSOUL’s First-Ever True Wireless Earphones with Dual Microphones, Making the Bounds of Crystal-Clear Communication Limitless
  • Dual microphones are designed precisely with a goal of providing superb, crystal-clear voice quality during audio calls
  • Ideal for keeping SOUL fans abreast of any essential communication on-the-go, via a stellar, industry-leading 150 hours of playtime with up to 22 recharges
  • 3000mAh charging case can operate as a power bank for charging other gadgets, including smartphones
  • Includes an IPX5 weatherproof rating to protect against sweat and rain and Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation to eliminate ambient noise
  • Equipped with SOUL’s signature balanced sound quality, featuring a superior blend of deep low bass and crisp mids and highs
  • Outfitted with premium stylish details, including a sleek leatherette case and tasteful metallic accents
  • Earbuds are equipped with aptX and AAC codecs for both Android and iOS users
Available at: and
Price:  $129.99