Nomad offering a combo deal on wireless base and cable

I do love me my wireless charging.  Once you get something with Qi it's really REALLY hard to go back to cable only.

But sometimes you still need a good cable... and when I do, I personally LOVE my Nomad quality cables.  Never a worry about kinks or whatnot.  Just gotta watch your case as the sturdy sleeve on the port can make it a bit of a hard fit for the entry point to your phone's port.

Well, if you need a wireless charging base, Nomad has a new deal where buy one of theirs and then you can pick a Kevlar cable for 50% off.  Works well as those base stations they have also have a USB port on it to plug into something non-Qi (like at home I have my phones laying down and charging, and then use the port for my Casio watch charging cable).

Check it out: