Stadia Pro adds 2 new games for February: Gylt and Metro Exodus

A new month brings 2 new games into the Stadia Pro.

This month they bring in Gylt & Metro Exodus

The downside tho' is that ... and this is bugging me, that it removes 2 titles.  First, those that signed up in January got the new Tomb Raider and Farming Simulator, but then they couldn't see Destiny 2 or the earlier Tomb Raider game.  If you just signed up for Pro now, you wouldn't see those or the Samurai Shodown, nor the Tomb Raider game.

It seems to be the cost for your Pro only will ever get you 5 games a month...

Now, because I've kept my account, I still have access to the earlier ones I've claimed, but if you sign in late, you miss out.

I was really thinking that this would be more Netflix, however it's ... starting to disappoint.

...on that front.

I still like the games, and I'm finding value for my riding cost of membership.

When it comes to these 2 new games... it's only been a day or so of me playing them and ... well, we'll see if I like them.  I'd finished both Tomb Raiders, so I just keep going back to find the hidden items, not enough to keep me paying the membership.

GYLT is a bit of a dark thriller/puzzle.  Your character is running around what seems to be a bit of the 'upside down' world.  My son was a little weirded out and didn't want to watch. 

It's okay for now, we'll see.

Metro Exodus is a FPS, but the display is really dark.  Maybe I need a larger TV with better resolution as I find it to be essentially a dark maze, no real clear definition on where you're going or have to go.  I'm feeling really lost, even in certain areas, so unless this somehow changes in the next few hours of game play, I'll drop it pretty quickly.