Huawei has a new landscape to show off Monday

Huawei, embattled lately on a bit of a political front has had some issues with being able to utilize Google's Android on their phone.  The Mate 30 comes with Harmony OS, which is built off of the Open Source Android 10... it doesn't come with the Googley goodness of the Play Store etc... (although there are workarounds).

So, the big question lately has been... what if Google doesn't get to give Huawei access... what then?  Huawei has been talking about being able to handle the transition to a non Google serviced based system.  Mate 30 we expected a bit of a bandaid solution, and Harmony OS looked a little more robust than I was expecting (albeit, I have not laid hands on the device myself).

Now, on Monday, Huawei has a bit of a showcase that they're having a webcast on... is this the start of some stand alone series of products?

Just gotta be patient and watch to find out.