Stadia acquires Typhoon Studios to bulk up their talent for online games

Stadia ... for those that are in the 'know' ... gamers and the like ... the phrase alone quirks an eyebrow.  Reception to it has been ... mixed ... to say the least.

I was super excited for it, and while I waited for it I had heard all the negativity and I was casting it aside.  Then I got it.

I'm still... mixed, to be honest.  I'm trying to gather my thoughts on it.  Stay tuned.

To help bolster the fledgling service, they had set up a Montreal home base, and now to help staff it out they have acquired Typhoon Studios.

Typhoon has been working on a pretty cool looking game, Journey to the Savage Planet, and they will still launch that in January, but will be morphing into part of the main studio that will drive some real interest in this new

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