A Look at Googles Nest Hello

Unfortunately, this isn't going to be a review, as it was a loaner unit, I wasn't about to drill holes on my door to install it to just have to send it back.  So, this is an overview, not a review.

The Nest Hello - the front door addition to your smart home.  It's regular price runs at $300 (again, for my American friends tuning in, this is all in Canadian dollars remember), but currently it's on sale for $220.

A little pricy for a doorbell you're saying, right?  And it is ... if it was just a doorbell with a camera.

Who really wants to see who's at the door... it's not often were not expecting someone, a random person coming to the door is such a rarity that it's not really super necessary to see who's at the door.

But this is more, this is tied into Nest, and with it, Nest Aware ... plus the magic of a speaker makes it interactive.

Let's get into it.

Kinda upset because I'd really like to test it out... but it's REALLY brutal out lately that I don't want to do it, to just have to undo it.

Anyways, the way it works is you first have to go find your current doorbell.  Oh, then disconnect the power to your doorbell at your fuse panel.  Be safe!

The box has a link to a great resource on how to install it, and there are a TON of Youtube videos out there as well.

First up, before you install everything, load up the Nest app and add the product - you do so by scanning the QR code on the back of the doorbell (there is a code in the box too if you forget to do this later).  The app also then leads you through the installation for your set up.

Find your doorbell chime, and you unhook the 2 leads that connect the chime to your front doorbell.  Make sure it's the front (if you have a backdoor doorbell like we do).

Then, you take those leads and plunk them into the little adapters the little transceiver, and then connect that to the chime leads.

That now connects the the eventual doorbell to Nest.  Best of all, since that is all connected up to a transformer off your fuse panel, it's wired up and no need for batteries.

Tuck the little transceiver away and recover the chime box.

Next you need take off your old doorbell and with the 2 leads exposed (power is off right?) and install the plate on your wall.  Google was kind enough to include a masonry bit at the right size in case you need it.  If you have a weird spot for your doorbell you can use the angle plate to have it face towards the way you want it to.

Plunk the connectors on the doorbell, plunk the doorbell into place and there ya have it.

It's up and running.

Well, finish up the set up on the Nest app.

The only issue you may run into (because this feels VERY simple) is if you have a transformer  without enough power to the doorbell to stream the video it needs (10VA transformer).

But then you're done.

Like I said, the concern I had was that it would need rechargeable batteries or something, but no, because it's wired, no need to think about if it's ever going to lose power.

You can have someone press the big button on the doorbell for it to ring your chime, or because of it's big camera, you can take UXGA (1600x1200 HDR 30fps) video or 3MP pictures.

Now, for recording the videos, you need to have Nest Aware, and then that not only has longer term storage for video, it lets you recognize faces so it can tell you if it was mom or your cousin coming by while you were away.  Nest Aware also gives you 'zone aware' so if you want it to trigger specific events at specific areas of the recorded area (i.e. don't care if a car drives by, but want notifications when they're specifically at the door).

The app allows you to get notifications when someone is at the door, and the cool thing is then you can use the app to either respond with preset messages or talk through the app through the little speaker on the doorbell.

That's cool.

With devices like Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max when the doorbell rings, it should show up the video on the display.

Very cool... at least I think so.  Plus, with your assistants in the house (home mini, nest hubs, etc...) you can then the ring happen on those as well as your chime (mine's pretty lame).  And they have different cool rings, and I missed it for the holidays, but you could have holiday themed rings.  Cool.

The picture is square'ish, 4:3 so you get a pretty good view without losing the top/bottom and it looks very wide as well to give you a very wide view.

Anyways, I like it.  Especially with all the porch pirates out there, it can really be something to help you feel better that you can watch for when people drop off your package, or someone else is coming to steal it.  Not that it's going to stop that, but can help you feel at ease.

Fro $220 it's not a bad buy, and with the integration of Google's smart home it really makes for a cool addition.

Now, Nest just needs a door lock.  (yes, I know there is one with Yale...)