If this is Stadia - I am not amused

Okay, so I got the notice of shipment of my controllers, and then got my code to load up the app.


Or so I thought.

I can load up the app, and see the library, but with the Pro subscription, I was told I would get access to their library. 

I can access to games for free, just 2.  The rest of the library are all half off for us. 

That does not track with what they've been telling us all along, or have I just been reading what I wanted to read, believing what I wanted to believe.  GAAAH.

So, let's walk through the system.

You get to punch in your code and then finish up the setting of your account.

Pick a gamer tag (and as a founder, I'll always have a little icon that indicates me as such) and avatar.

Fairly standard things.

Right now they don't have the system set up for the buddy pass, but it's coming soon (anybody want to be a 'buddy'?).

Once you're in, you then get a look at your library.  I'm thinking Netflix style a bunch of options to scroll through and just play what I want to play.

I started on my phone, and once I got over the jarring feeling that I do not get access to all the games (there were 2 you can claim for free, but you'll lose them if you ever cancel the service, which is understandable), what you get access to is the library of games and you can buy them for half off.  In most of them, some there are no discounts.

Looking through the library they're all hefty price tags.  Maybe I'm just not a gamer to recognize the deal here.

Okay, so let's play.

Oh, can't play on my phone... I thought they said I could.  Oh, well it's because I don't have my controller.  If I had that, I could play on my screen.  Fine.

Let's get home and I pull up stadia.google.com on my Pixelbook.  I can get in and using a mouse and keyboard play a little Destiny 2.

Now, FPS are usually my game style of choice, but I wasn't happy with this (this is entirely my personal opinion, but it's confusing... how do I quit the game?).  Playing the Samurai Showdown game (hey where's my umbrella kid?) it's a really weird arrows/keys combination. 

So I really need the controller to play.  Mine'll be in next week, so I'll have to wait.

Back to playing some Destiny 2.  I let the service determine what it is the best, even still there was lots of hiccups and freezes and a few times and even just crashes.  There were a few times that it just went blank and then what. 

Then there were times it wouldn't even load up, not even saying that the internet wasn't good enough.  You can do a speedtest, and I scored high.

It's just a weird, jarring experience... maybe I set my expectations too high.  I can't see myself playing just 2 games for the next few months, and if that's the case, definitely will not be keeping the subscription.  For the few games in there that I might like, maybe I'll pay individually for them.