Google Stadia starts today - where's my code?!

So, its November 19th.  The date that Google Stadia is to be available.

I ordered my 'Founder's Edition' way back on day 1.  Now, I assumed that delivery to the Great White North means big delays and I wouldn't get my controller and Chromecast right on day 1.  However, I assumed that because you'll be able to play on your devices (knowing that it would be limited to Pixels initially, which I've got that covered) I would be able to get playing on the small scale starting today.

The app dropped the other day, and I got excited.  Maybe I might get early access based on my 'celebrity status'... right?  Or because I bought the early Founders edition I could try it a bit early.

Nope, I needed a code.  Okay, so the code will come on Nov 19th.

Just re-checked my email inbox and spam folders and a search through for "stadia" and nothing comes up.


Doing some 'googling' and finding out that it seems this is a common scream this morning.  Nothing.

Apparently, it seems we'll get our code once our package is shipped out...

Gaah, who knows how long that'll take for me. It does say it should be shipped to me by Nov 22-25.

Did you get yours yet?