Terraria mobile 1.3 Gameplay review

Okay, so it's been a long time since Terraria got updated.  I had given it a 1-star review for its just total lack of support and issues around savings.

Since the 1.3 update it's had some big changes.  I kinda liked the old interface, but the new one is ... well, watch my video:

The big change is the dual 'controller' style.  It's not super intuitive and on a mobile screen it looks really cramped and busy.

Also, take your time go through and understand these controls.  The auto aim for your missile/magic attacks is important to understand.

Making sure that "autoswing" is on for melee combat, otherwise you'll have to keep spamming that one button (why mining is default autoswing, but combat isn't is boggling).

I also find that there's no option for finesse in mining or building.  In the past you could use your finger to mine specific areas or build in a specific spot, it's not quite so easy anymore so I find my building a little clumsier.

Speaking of clumsy, I find the controls for jumping around a little trickier too.  There's some real issues and reminds me of the old Castlevania issues.  My son seems to have no problem on his switch with the controller, so maybe that would be easier.  However, we can't use a controller for this game.  Hopefully that's the next update.

Prior to this update, crafting on mobile was very easy, you could see all the 'recipes' and choose what you want to build.

With this new one, you only see what you can build from what you have currently in inventory, so it's hard to find out what you want to build or what's needed, so unless you're very familiar with what's needed for crafting, it feels like you're stumbling in the dark a little.

Otherwise, I like it.  I'm finding myself drawn in for hours with this game.  At the least it was great to see they havdn't abandoned the project!

Check out my son's review of the Switch version.