How to delete an autosuggested URL on Chrome

There are days that you kinda feel smart... and there are days that you feel like you're on top of the world.

Mondays are hardly those days to feel like either of those things.

I've had this nagging issue with Chrome... no biggie.  It's a site that when I type in, at one time I typed it in wrong, but Chrome always comes up with the 'misspelling' rather than the real one.  It's not a big deal as I usually start typing, Chrome suggests the misspelling, but I hit tab anyways so I can search the site for the page I want.

I'll type "SIT..." and Chrome suggests "SITEURL/.COM" or something similar, because that's how I accidentally typed it one time.  If I hit enter it would give me an error.  But it knows enough to let me hit tab and go into searching SITEURL.

But my OCD just twinges when I see that I made the mistake once... once... and it stares at me forever it feels like.

So how to get rid of it.  It used to be you could just arrow down the suggested list and hit DELETE to get rid of it, but since it's the next one on the list, it's already highlighted, hitting delete just deletes the 'ghosted' suggestion to complete, but not the drop down item.  Hrmm..

I'm a smart guy, I can figure this out.

Thank god for Google.  After a few tries this morning I finally figured it out (and maybe the coffee hadn't hit in yet - as 'autocomplete' and 'autosuggest' are 2 separate things, so working out that keyphrase differential really helps).

How is it done?  It's too simple... but I thought, just in case you also had this issue, that it might be worth sharing it on here.

  1. Start typing out the URL you want to have it suggest
  2. When it suggests something you don't want to show up (i.e. my mistyped one) use the arrows to go down and highlight the one you want to get rid of [in my case it's already highlighted as it's the first one]
  4. presto-changeo... alakazam... it's whisked away to the nether regions never to be seen again
Yeah, ... Shift+Delete

I'm getting another cup of coffee.