LG teasing us with a dual screen device for IFA 2019

September isn't too far away now.  And September bring IFA in Berlin.  This is one of the events (like Mobile World Congress) where some manufacturers choose to show off something new.

LG is cashing in on the big stage opportunity by teasing us with a new device.

Now, let's see this video:


So, you get to play a video game on one screen (accessing camera and settings and app tray...), then there's a second screen you continue on for something maybe a little more 'ancilliary' like maps that's on a screen just to the left.

Then the screen flips over and it's got the old 'peek' style display of a case cover.


Might this be a 'dual screen' device - and I'm cautious to say 'flip' or 'foldable' as there's been issues with that kinda stuff so far.  So, would it be a case that has a connection to the phone and allows a secondary display like the ROG TwinDock?

Who knows. 

September 6th isn't too far away to wait.