Gaming Buffet on the Play Store

It's the era of "death by 1,000 cuts".  Why buy anything when you can pay for it's rental.  Had such a discussion with a Google engineer lately in a discussion around the change up of Play Music to Youtube Music (and even Spotify and the ilk).

It seems not that many people are looking to 'own' anything, when they can pay a fee to have it whenever they wanted.  It's the same we see with Netflix (why buy the DVD once... when you may never watch it again) or even a lot of millenials with vehicles (why go through the capital to purchase if we only need it periodically).

It's a mind-shift for sure.  What is 'possession'?

So the same with Stadia subscription, where you pay the monthly fee and then you get what's in the catalogue.

I was just saying to my son, what would be really cool is if Stadia let you play the Android games that have controller support as well.

Well, flash to a point where we're now hearing that the Play Store is potentially going to be offering up a "Play Pass". An obvious take on the Apple Arcade out there.  Sad that they wouldn't then offer it across the Play Store (subscriptions for books, subscriptions for movies/tv, etc...).

Android Police has some screen grabs.

I'm hoping the adjust the names, as the "Play Pass" makes it sound as tho it's across the "Play brand" that Google has set up ... whereas it's just for games.

Still, it's interesting.  $5/month (USD) ... is it worth it?  I can't think that paying for apps has been my impediment to purchasing, and ads on existing games hasn't been that inconvenient to want to bypass.

What do you think?