[rant] Games not showing gameplay - how do you find your games?

Okay, a bit of another rant... and I'm sorry...

But with the site we tend to get a lot of requests... a lot.  Many of them are "hey, can you review/promote this game?"

I'm always looking for a new game to play.  I've dropped a couple of my daily players and getting tired with some others.  Not that I have a lot of spare time, but I do like to play when I get some.  Not always do I have time to fire up Fortnite or win a chicken dinner in PUBG, and I do like to have variety.

But how to come across the right one?  I look at the releases from my emails and go to the Play Store listing ... but what I've noticed a lot of lately is that the video it shows or the screenshots are just promo images.  Nothing at all that shows what the game is like.  How do you play it? 

this is just misleading.... gaaah

It really frustrates me and I wish I could flag the app for, in essence, false advertising.  But I don't want to install this app and find out ...

... nor are most of the reviews on an app actually helpful.

I wish Google would strictly enforce that the images and videos used MUST show actual screen play.  I understand it's marketing, but we have to have some standards.

So, I ask... how do you find new games?  How often are you 'taking the chance' based on some unknown game you found and looking at that kind of trailer/promo piece to see if it's actually good?

Do you take recommendations from your friend?

I wanna know...

I also want to hear your recommendations!